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>In response to comments made on the TIG forum, Cintel has investigated how
>to fit a 25 way ancillary socket to the Ursa Gold / Diamond Deck plate
>We have established that this can be done in a way that does not compromise
>the EMC rating of the machine (Drilling holes in the deck plate is far more
>complex than just providing a hole).
>Our back room boys are now doing their thing and we hope to make an
>announcement very quickly.
>Thank you to everybody that provided me with their valuable 'snippet' and
>on this occasion we will probably be satisfying your needs.

That's great that you will add a connector to the deck plate, but could you
add two D-9's instead of one large one, as that way you could use one for
each of the AATON reader head, without trying to combine them.
The manufactures could then build add on's that have the correct connector
and cable length to connect directly to these connectors.
The two deck plate connectors should then connect pin for pin to their
respective connectors on the back panel of the URSA. That way any two
different devices can be added independently.


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