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Ebonics!! (kepping)

Hello Rob,
Thanks for coming out to play.
If I'm going to hang my butt over a fence, it's bound to get smacked.
Wish I could add one of those WHAM! icons.

Now on the serious note.

David Fenton, I will look forward to seeing you at NAB. We shall become
more aquainted and you can post a OUCH! sticker on my back. I apologize for
being bullish.

State of Phillip's/Kodak SPIRIT DATACINE PIN PEG:
This will hopefully start another round.

God and George Eastman could probably answer this better.
Please no religous returns on that one!

SPIRIT at this time has NO PIN REG capability. Although it's RT REG as
shipped from the factory is quite good, this does not in any way make this
machine capable of delivering multi-layer elements for the high end
compositing world. RealTime will not do!!
And that fact alone, as you know, is like taking a blow to the knee cap.
There are supposed to be announcments made at NAB.
This box (SPIRIT) is still in developmental stage.

Can anybody else see a little Casper icon.

RT REG claims.
Every telecine that I've had the pleasure to drive in the last 4 yrs. has
been put through RT REG and PIN REG tests using the same piece of film. So
far it's still holding up.
These tests were then recorded to D1 once optimum RT REG was established.
This recording can then be used to maintain consistancy within the same
telecine. It can also be used to compare.
The SPIRIT in RT gives an extremely stable image. Servo handling is
excellent. I have yet to spool a real of film. Something all Rank drivers
cannot claim, including me.

Congradulaions to Cintel for updrading their servo package. RTS upgrades
should me givin to all users that have chocked on their tongues while
viewing the CLIENTS spooled neg laying on the transport deck.

As Gary Coates and Rob have pointed out. RT REG does not replace the need
for PIN REG. Image stabilization is optimized at the camera and should be
replicated at the telecine. Let's hope that all users are presented with
options for both PIN and RT REG that are fully compatible with existing

This puts me out of the serious REG business at my current roost. RTS gate
on the URSA next door.

Talk about a way to dampen the SPIRIT.
Cough! $$

But I'm just a driver...

Carl Van Camp will also be posting a note I'm sure. See ya on the floor.

Did I write something about being serious?

By the way.

Writting e-mail while waiting for the first coat of wet paint to dry is not
highly recommended!!!

go fish
Drew Marsh