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Re: Texas and Spain

On Thu, Feb 27, 1997 3:36 PM, Rob Lingelbach <mailto:rob at sun.alegria.com>
-> James Doughty of Fimigranas in Madrid, Spain, informed me of my
-> egregious error in excluding his country from the list I posted
-> yesterday.
-> >> Countries represented: <deletia> and Texas.
-> > Wow, Rob, the secessionist movement there must have gotten a lot
-> > further along than I'd realized!  So we're down to 49 States now?

You can still see "Secede" bumper stickers in my home state. Some argue
that it is still legally possible since Texas joined the Union with the
provision that we be able to secede if we didn't like the company.

To quote Queen Elizabeth II:

"No state commands such fierce pride and loyalty. Lesser mortals are pitied
for their misfortune in not being born Texans." 

John "have lived in Ohio for 12 years but still call myself a Texan"

Thanks for dedicating a little bandwidth to pride & frivolity. The audio
geek will now return to silent lurking; "sound speed!"

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