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Jumpfree/ Metaspeed response

x (TIG) asks:   <What technology is JumpFree based upon and how does it
differ from MetaSpeed.?>
                <is it within reson to rely on all this new telecine non
pinning and lock in post ?>
                <Are there any other speeds coming out ?>

JumpFree and MetaSpeed comprise computer controlled systems that learn the
film transport characteristics and compensate for vertical cyclical errors
that occur due to mechanism or film material errors. The systems establish
these measurements by comparing the relationship between the capstan that
is driving the film and a precision sprocket tacho that reports the films
exact position at any point in time. 

JumpFree compensates for errors by means of  scan and servo manipulation
while MetaSpeed relies entirely on servo manipulation

Both systems remove practically all vertical errors except where errors
have been printed into dupe materials. Both systems also take advantage of
the great stability of Cintels JumpFree gates which ensure excellent
horizontal stability and intrinsix vertical stability.

In addition the "Active Stop" live still frame is precisely located
avoiding the neccessity to adjust framing between stop and run.

MetaSpeed offers the greatest frame rate range  30 to +85FPS while JumpFree
and LowSpeed offers a speed range of  +/  5 to 30 FPS.

Both systems are proven to offer stability appoaching that of pin
registration systems, without the inconvenience of speed limitations.
Indeed the majority within the industry appear to have abandoned mechanical
pin registered transfer in favour of JumpFree or  Metaspeed.

With a  range of speeds covering   30 to +96FPS in increments as small as
0.1FPS I would be interested to learn what further speeds are required,
apart from a film frame per video field for transfers to offline edit

Peter Swinson