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Deckplate Connectors

In reply to the many response received in respect of Cintel fitting plugs /
sockets to the deck plate to facilitate the connection of other
manufacturers products more efficiently I have to tell you that the mighty
Peter Swinson is now working overtime to get this all sorted out quickly -
If you meet him at NAB he will be very responsive to the odd beer .

First let me say how pleased we all were to have such positive feedback and
some very good suggestions .

The decision is to fit  3 x D9's arranged such that no two genders are next
to each other . This will help to make sure no one can make a mistake when
connecting up.

Each of the connectors will be mounted on the metal work to the left of the
spare gate area and cabled directly to corresponding connectors on the rear
terminating panel.

We should be able to introduce the changes into production for both Ursa
Gold and Ursa Diamond as soon after NAB as is practical . Bear in  mind
most machines for the NAB period are now just about completed and ready to

Once again , thank you everyone for the input including Jean Pierre
Beauviala of Aaton who has kindly added his perspective on things. 


David Fenton