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Pin Registration (was Re: Kepping)

On Mar 3, 22:37, mc1pc at moving-picture.co.uk wrote:
} Subject: Re: Kepping both deet on feck

} 	This is something I don't understand, why would clients insist to 
} pin-register their neg while it is now so easy and quick to stabilize 
} with Flame, Henry etc...?  Personnaly I have not had this demand for 
} years.

JC, I wish it were like that here.  Sometimes the effects-box artists
do take care of it for me, but many times they want the film
pin-registered to have it as steady as it can be for them, so that
they don't have to do as much stabilization.  I sometimes think it is
actually a political decision-- that if there are problems tracking a
matte in Henry, and the film was not 'pin-registered', blame is
assigned to the transfer.

I'd like to hear more about this from other colorists.


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