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Re:Deckplate / Suggestions / Timer

David Fenton posted;

>>First let me say how pleased we all were to have such positive
>> feedback and some very good suggestions .

It has been such an interesting experience to see one of the most
annoying tasks removed from the installation of your new machine,
ie drilling holes in it,  that I am encouraged to make public a secret
longing of my own.

A little background first though. We have all seen the problems with
"drift " on original Gold's and it has been discussed here in great 
detail before.  Third party goods have made a huge difference. Our
experience here, first with Hush Kits and for the last six months with 
Twiggys, has shown that the repeatability and consistency of the
machines can be relied upon, as well as major gains being made
to both signal and operational performance and with the long term 
cost benefits of greatly increased tube life. So far so good.

These improvements to the "drift " problems though are only evident
when the tube has been allowed to warm up and we can determine
quite easily using a registration chart and a cage generator that it takes
at least an hour from turning the CRT on before it is back to a preset
scan size. We are only turning the CRT on and off here not the telecine
so the main electronic racks are at a constant temperature. It follows
from this that the best format auto alignment is not going to happen
until this time has passed either so it makes for a very depressing
experience to be involved with Clients who enjoy a full grading session
at 6.30am.

So to avoid the unpleasantness of 4.30am alarm calls and mindful
of Davids comments is it possible that Cintel could fit a timer to the 
"CRT on" switch. Every item of domestic equipment I own, from the
kitchen outward, seems to have a flashing green timer so it's hardly 
a new concept.  We are not always busy for 24hrs and most nights
each tube can be off for six hours or so but often, if we know the early
morning start is more intense than daily rushes to beta, we are forced
to let the tube burn. There seems little point in Twiggy extending tube
life only to waste it away.

Seamus O'Kane .
VTR. Ltd. London.