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RE: Pin-Reg-in-a-box

>} 	This is something I don't understand, why would clients insist to 
>} pin-register their neg while it is now so easy and quick to stabilize 
>} with Flame, Henry etc...?  Personnaly I have not had this demand for 
>} years.

Philosophically, I believe (my personal opinion) that one should
not rely on post-stabilisation as the sole process.  I consider
it a band-aid or a tool to help fix otherwise difficult problems
(such as ratty film edges, unstable camera or film that was not 
originally shot pin-registered).  I feel we should strive to solve 
as many problems as possible as early in the process as possible.

As post-professionals we all used to mock the producers' mantra of
"We'll fix it in the mix."  Even though now we have more tools to 
help solve more problems, I don't think that's a healthy attitude 
to rely on them in general as the first line of defense. [Weasel
Clause: ...at least for now.]

I think similar arguments could be applied to lighting and noise
reduction.  And we'll always find execptions, so I will beg the
usual unwritten disclaimers.

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