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Re: Pin Registration (was Re: Kepping)

Alex Scudiero wrote:
>   How come no one  has mentioned that fact that Fire/Flame can not stabilize
>   every scene.  It is fine for a locked off shot, but doesn't work on panning
>   or tilting scenes that have long moves.  For these you need to mechanically
>   pin reg the film.

> Alex Scudiero
> http://i-cubed-fx.com/

It is in fact possible to stabilize certain scenes with camera motion in
Flame, Flint or Inferno. It does require some specific procedures, such
as isolating X or Y motion, anylizing the motion data, and use negative
motion and jitter removal. Quite a long process at times, but we have
been successful in a number of occasions.
However, we almost never decide to bypass Telecine registration, as we
consider Flame stabilizing a creative tool, not a way to replace
perfectly adequate Film to Tape procedures.


Michel Suissa
Director of visual effects
Tape House Digital, New York
msthd  at idt.net
michel at tapehouse.com