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On Mar 5, 19:11, JimErkson at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: CYAN

} I've just discovered that some people feel cyan definately looks more green
} than blue, while others feel it looks definately more blue than green.   Each
} side generally feels that their view is the correct one; and is willing to
} argue, wrestle, and otherwise rage upon those who disagree.   
} Most of the time, I feel it looks more blue than green.

I feel cyan is the most psychologically uncertain color, and your
findings represent my experience with clients as well.

I believe if you look at the CIE chromaticity chart (is this available
on the web somewhere?) with respect to color monitor phosphors, the
response in cyan is extremely weak.  I demonstrate this to clients by
displaying color bars on the monitor, and then pointing out that cyan
has the same chrominance amplitude as the other colors, which they
find hard to believe.

I was the colorist on the first Honda car commercials here introducing
the 'teal' color (1987?) --it was my unfortunate duty, after having
pored over the swatches and chips of color samples, to advise the
clients that I'd do my best, but their car color was not reproducible
in video.

I agree with you Jim, that the cyan of NTSC video appears more blue
than green.  As we know, however, one person's 'blue' may have a
different definition than someone else's.

Another interesting facet of this: I almost always represent the
'blue' of the sky as about midway between cyan and blue, sometimes
even going further toward cyan.  Other colorists, I've noticed, will
represent in their transfers a sky blue more toward vector blue... I
feel usually that a blue centered on the vector is too 'purple' for a
natural sky color.  


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