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Re: BetaSP dub off color

At 11:04 04-03-97 -0800, Dave Palmer wrote:
>However Sioux Falls Cable in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (the town in
>which I live/work/play) claims their BETASP dub is off color.  The Blues
>are purple and so on.  I was told by the SF Cable there was "no way"
>for them to correct the color.

I have found traces of subcarrier on the Y-channel on some BetaSP recordings
causing a strange behavior regarding phase in the composite dominium. They
play OK in component. It was a machine problem that had nothing to do with
the feeding signal.

SF's Cable Guy is probably partly right. I am not familiar with NTSC
BetaSP's but we, in PAL, have "no way" to correct output chroma phase from a
BetaSP internal TBC on PVW series. However, even in PAL, there is always a
piece of equipment worth trying if you want to get better results (it takes
a bigger effort).

> Their "guy" ( I won't call him an engineer because he was a moron)

I would say he is highly optimistic or have 2 million dollar BetaSP decks
specially built and maintained for him and has an in-house operation not
exchanging tapes.

> He claims if he sets up to my bars to dub my spots
> he would have to set up to the bars on all tapes that come in.

This group colorists would not be pleased to watch their jobs on SF Cable's
"non-bar set up" commercial break.

> Are there any documents that show how/why to setup a time base
> corrector to color bars.  I am going to kill the cable "guy"  if I have to go
> over there again and explain this again.

I don't think his reading of a document would solve your problem. Assuming
the dub is right, it is not a matter of engineering. Ask the advertising
agency to send him a dub already accepted by other stations that looks good
on air.

Adrian Costoya <acostoya at starnet.net.ar>
Engineering Manager
Metrovision Producciones S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina