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By your command!!  

I just read that the old Technicolor printing process of dye transfer
(Imbibation) is in the works for the release of the newest Batman flick this
summer.  The recent restoration of "Giant" was the test for the revived
process. There seems to be a renewed interest in the process because of the
incredible colors that are possible with it.  Scorcese is talking about using
it for release prints also.  If this catches on  we'll really see some
incredible saturated impossible tv colors on the big screen.  We all need to
see these so we can set a good reference for our eyeballs. "Technicolor

This doesn't mean they will shoot with the old three strip enormous cameras,
but the prints will be struck in a revised Imbibation process, kind of a very
high res litho process printed onto blank acetate much like the old
Technicolor process of decades ago.  What this means for audiences is blacker
blacks, whiter whites, and amazingly saturated colors like theater audiences
haven't seen since the early 50's.  To read about this go to an article from
USA Today on the Web called "High-tech process brings vivid hues back to the
silver screen" 

Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer/NYC

On 3/6/97 2:34 PM Rob Lingelbach wrote--->
To: Dave Corbitt

could you post to the group your information on Technicolor?  I love
that process, ever since I worked on the remastering of the MGM
musicals at Crest in 1983.