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         Re: CYAN                                              97-03-05 19:=
Rob wrote:

>I was the colorist on the first Honda car commercials here introducing
>the 'teal' color (1987?) --it was my unfortunate duty, after having
>pored over the swatches and chips of color samples, to advise the
>clients that I'd do my best, but their car color was not reproducible
>in video.

No doubt about it Rob.

I'll bet my former colleagues in Detroit are glad that the "Teal, Jade, =
and Turquoise"  car colors are becoming a bit less fashionable than they =
have been
in the past few years.  When I went to Detroit 2 1/2 years ago the hot car =
to shoot
was one of the above.  Without secondary color correction they always came =
BLUE.  The correct colors were very hard to reproduce without significant =
secondary correction.
And then of course, there is the issue of  metallic paint, which changes =
color when the sun hits
it or the set light changes.  Matching chips was sometimes exasperating.  =
The CYAN range is a =
tough one.


Lynette Duensing
The Filmworkers Club/Chicago