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Subject: RE: Pin Registration (was Re: Kepping)

On 3-6-97 Rob wrote,

>It's my experience that
>ILM, Digital Domain, and other effects houses here on the west coast
>prefer their composite elements to be pin-registered, even if there is
>stabilization to be done later-- they feel they want to match what was
>done in camera, process for process. 

Here! Here!  This is the point. A mechanical pin system must replicate
exactly what took place in the camera.  And it's often not a question of
stability, but repeatability, pass to pass.  The physical film dimension is
set, relative to the perf hole and reference edge, though the actual
photographed image may be allowed to wander around.  Real-time systems,
(EPR, MetaSpeed/RTS, JumpFree) know nothing of how the film seated onto the
registration pins when shot.  

Discreet Logics' approach is somewhat different in that that it pins down
pixels, not perfs, but has stabilization limits because of image content and

Dean Humphus