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RE: Pin Registration (was Re: Kepping)

Rob ,I think client education is one of the key factors.Each time we weened a 
client off of pin reg it had to be done with conclusive tests. They wont just 
take your word for it.Each pin reg job involved a ritual of cleaning and 
lubricating , so i'm not surprised there are varying results. And dont forget 
each time you pin reg a piece of film ,the sprocket holes stretch,bruise or 
get damaged , so you've only got a couple of passes max. to ensure that it is 
"exactly like the camera"         I dont know of anyone  doing exhaustive 
tests with stocks, elements
etc. I suppose that must make a difference aswell as the sprocket hole 
tolerence changes.???    Graham
 Perhaps this is really an issue
of the client's education; I would like to know if there has ever been
exhaustive testing of compositing with elements transferred using the
various forms of realtime registration, versus the various forms of
pin-registration, for various telecines.  The problem would be in
'unifying' the variables of transport/servo issues on the different

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