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Re: Stupid Questions - Australian Answers

Howard Lukk writes
>I have a few stupid questions maybe our friends across the water can
>In Europe and Australia does anyone shoot film at 25fps? Or is it all
In Australia, film for TV is all shot at 25FPS because of our PAL 50Hz TV
system usually with 180 degree shutters in camera although 172.8 degrees is
OK too except for shooting TV monitors.

>What speed does the theaters show the film at? Shuttered at 48,50,72 or
>75 Hz?
Theatrical release in Australia is all 24FPS (not that most cinema
projectors here are not crystal locked so that's plus or minus 1/2 a frame.
Normally shuttered at 48 or 72, dependant on the projector.

>Do most theaters display at 1:66 aspect ratio?
No. In Australia its normally either 1.85 or 2.35 and various user
modifications to these standards to suit the architecture of the theatre.
Adverts are usually kines with their own maskings for 4x3 image on a 1.85
projected image or derivations between - but always 1.85 projection.

I must add that I am constantly dissapointed by the poor standard of
projection in Australia, even by the major cinema chains. Poor screen
illumination along with the use of shoddy reconstituted prints is
commonplace. The lack of projection standards is a major worry here for any
producer wishing to see their product exhibited in the best light.


John Bowring

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