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>I'll bet my former colleagues in Detroit are glad that the "Teal, Jade, 
>and Turquoise"  car colors are becoming a bit less fashionable than they 
>have been
>in the past few years.  When I went to Detroit 2 1/2 years ago the hot car 
>to shoot
>was one of the above.  Without secondary color correction they always came
>BLUE.  The correct colors were very hard to reproduce without significant 
>secondary correction.
>And then of course, there is the issue of  metallic paint, which changes 
>color when the sun hits
>it or the set light changes.  Matching chips was sometimes exasperating.  
>The CYAN range is a tough one.


Have you found the Spirit is in any ways better or worse at some problems 
like the above ones?  I'd heard it was "great on sheet metal" though 
that's not my usual subject matter!

I was just curious...  not trying to start any sort of inter-brand 
rivalry, but just see if certain machines have special virtues, just like 
certain microphones have their special uses.

Jeff "sheet metal is for riding in" Kreines

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