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RE: Key codes

>> I shot a short feature (13 min) on 16mm B&W. We did a straight Tk 
right after the shoot and went into Avid. Once the edit completed, 
we've sent the key code list to the lab for the neg selection. After a 
few days, the lab called us: they couldn't find 150 key codes out of 
the 200 shots list. After we checked that no neg was missing, we were 
told that "it sometimes happens": it's likely that the key codes were   
unproprely read during the one light Tk. <<

If the neg rolls you telecined have not been broken down,  then a neg
cutter using software like Excalibur can extrapolate all the keycodes in a
roll against the VT timecode and generate a neg cutting list using an edl
giving source timecodes.

This is a standard procedure in the UK for 16mm productions.   The norm is
to provide a punched hole front and end of a lab roll to give the neg
cutters a definitive point,  and the front punch hole is normally situated
on an hour like 01:00:00:00.

Jim Guthrie

  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 09-Mar-1997