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25 fps transfers

>>      Last week I had a client in that had shot some sequences of a
at 25 fps, and recorded sound also at 25.  The film was shot in Egypt.  
     We were laying down in ntsc, and needed to sync at 25 fps.
     The client decided to post-sync the audio, but I was curious what is
way to tackle this type of problem? <<

Probably do the reverse of what we do in the UK when we get 24fps shooting
for 25fps PAL.

You can load the sound in a hard disk recorder then re-process it to
reduce the speed by about 4% then match it to your 24fps transfer and sync
by using clapper boards or similar.  You would have to watch out for the
fact that your TK's are running slightly under 24fps for NTSC colour,  and
whether your VT tape was at 29.97DF or NDF.

Or,  if the film had 25fps timecode on the neg.,  chase lock a DAT or
Nagra "T" to the slower 25fps timecode from the reader on the TK machine
either at TK transfer time,  or lay the timecode on a spare audio channel
on the VT tape and chase lock it afterwards.

All the best,

Jim Guthrie. 

  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 09-Mar-1997