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resolutions, etc..

In the early days of digital effects(i.e.  mid to late 80's), there's 
been a slight discussion  as to what is real  film resolution.  Some 
would say that 35mm is equivalent to 'bout 4000 lines. I've read 
others could get away with working with 2000 lines.  The lines that's 
being referred to are what?  horizontal resolution or vertical 
resolution?  I believe that when working on video,especially for CGI 
stuff,  the resolution usually mentioned is 720 x 480
pixels, the first number being the  "x" number of pixels, and the 
second, the  "y". For film effects, this gets a bit more complex.  
Different scanners on the market specify a range(from 2000 lines to 
4000), a majority of which do not scan at real time.  Some scan 
faster than others(i will not compare  any brands here), while others 
have a greater color bit depth(which is another matter i hope you can 
Without revealing any trade secrets, i want to find out:

1. what is the minimum required resolution when scanning 35mm film 
for digital effects?(or is there an agreed resolution anyway?)
2. are you referring to horizontal or vertical resolution?
3. how does color bit depth affect the scan?
4. a bonus:  since the scanned 35mm goes into the digital domain(i.e. 
no loss in picture quality), is there still a need to shoot in a 
higher film format(such as Vistavision)?

jude ng
videopost manila