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Aaton Keylink 6.02

I've been using the new 6.02 keylink software now for about a month and wow.
 i think it is a great improvement and it seems much more easier to work.  I
have had some rather specific and strange list requirements from some of my
clients here in baltimore.  The requirements were somewhat "different" than
what Aaton keylink was designed for.  Using the slate & g mode slightly
different than how it was designed gave me some list problems, which by
design, the event list I was getting was correct but the events were not
where I wanted.   I fell into the trap of "inbetween modes".  With JP of
Aaton & Randy Coonfield's help the problem was diagnosed and solved.  The
problem was related to how I was entering the audio time code without
specific a "G" event for each take.  JP has now wrote some new code and has
included some new modes of operation for the keylink in 6.02 that has taken
care of the two different types of  requirements for a couple of specific
clients here in baltimore.  Besides those changes that have been incorporated
in the new software, the faster timecode and keycode reading, being able to
enter comments "on the fly" during transfer, automatic list builds for
keycode only transfers ect..  Aaton has responded to my problems with answers
and solutions to job related problems in the field.  Thats what customer
service is all about.  I especially like Aaton's receptive attitude of
listening to customers ideas.  

I highly recommend the 6.02 software to all keylink users.  The download of
this software with the manual is time consuming but well worth it.  Or check
it out at NAB.  

I think the Aaton Keylink is the best system available and i will continue to
rave about it to my clients and coworkers.  congratulations to Aaton on
making the best system better.  looking forward to seeing InstantSync at NAB.

bob sliga
sr. colorist
henninger baltimore