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*News from Gamma & Density

For cinematographers and tele-cine colorists everywhere, but especially
NEWS from Gamma & Density, Co.(http://www.loop.com/~gamma1
  *SMPTE Conference March 20 - 22 in L.A.
 *FUJI Film Conference in San Paulo, Brazil
G&D will present papers called "The Gamma & Density 'Thorough Control
System' As Used In Post-Production" at the First Annual SMPTE Spring
Film ConferenceMarch 20-22, 1997 in Los Angeles.

 Here is an abstract:

Although hardware technology has made the film and video post-production
industry more
creative and has greatly improved the speed at which many job functions
are performed, there
still exists the "subjective" aspect within a film-to-tape telecine
session. The Gamma &
Density "Thorough Control System" has had a dramatic positive impact on
affecting the
degree of such subjectivity.

Exact date and time will be announced later, as soon as SMPTE sets the

The full text of the paper presented at the 138th Fall Confrerence SMPTE
in Los Angeles,
called "Thorough Control System: A Method of Color-Accurate and
Contrast-Consistent Film
Transfer to Video Dailies" is available from Gamma & Density by request.
Here is an abstract
of this paper.

The "Thorough Control System", from Gamma & Density Co., establishes a
method to help
cinematographers arrive at the "look" they desire during a film-to-tape
transfer session and
maintaining artistic and technical control over their images. The system
begins on the set and
establishes standards of communication with the telecine colorist in the
film-to-tape transfer
process. Now, instead of subjective and debatable opinions regarding
images, the cameraman
and telecine colorists are speaking a common language. The key element
of the system, the
Gamma=lC Cinematographer's Control Chart, has one distinguished feature
that sets this
chart aside from any other chart: the idea of connecting brightness of
the scene with
scientifically calculated IRE unit equivalents printed right on each
corresponding gray field.
This chart creates a proper connection between the brightness of the
scene and luminance of
the electronically converted film signal. With the use of the system,
the telecine colorist is
able to transfer dailies with accurate and consistent contrast, color,
and tone renditions. This
continuity in dailies takes the guesswork out of the transfer set-up

  FUJI Film Conference in San Paulo, Brazil

At the invitation of the Fuji Company, Gamma & Density will present the
"Thorough Control
System" system the last week in March in San Paulo, Brazil.

Director of Photography Yuri Neyman will demonstrate for
cinematographers and telecine
colorists methods of working with the Gamma=1c Chart and practical
demonstrations of color
and contrast corrections and adjustment in the telecine bay. 

Recent demonstrations of the Gamma & Density system for cinematographers
and telecine
colorists from New York, Los Angeles, Holland, Belgium , France and
Denmark were a big
success. These presentations established the "Thorough Control System"
internationally as the
only simple, practical working system, without any hardware / software
additions, for color
accurate and contrast consistent telecine transfer of negatives to tape.
Hundreds of customers
from 25 countries are having great success with their charts everyday as
they use them on sets
around the world.

NEWS from Gamma & Density, Co.(http://www.loop.com/~gamma1
1997, Gamma & Density, Co