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Couldn't find 150 key codes

         bc pg ab

Thibaut de Corday wrote:
>Hello TIG adepts around the world, I am a french filmdirector 
>encountering a little problem.
>I shot a short feature (13 min) on 16mm B&W. We did a 
>straight Tk right after the shoot and went into Avid. 
>Once the edit completed, we've sent the key code list 
>to the lab for the neg selection. After a few days, the lab 
>called us: they couldn't find 150 key codes out of the 200 
>shots list. After we checked that no neg was missing, we 
>were told that "it sometimes happens": it's likely that the 
>key codes were unproprely read during the one light Tk.

I presume your facility was not using a Keylink!

The very minimum would be to ask them to onelite 
re-transfer each roll (not very expensive for a short 
form feature), with the same video TC on the start mark 
as the one they keyed during their keycode-hectic transfer. 
That is easy to do as I suppose you still have your 
original video tapes.
This time be sure they use a Keylink and ask them to select
the *Keycode/G1st* mode. (keep the newly transferred tapes 
-3Line VITC & keycode inserted- for the neg cutter's 
peace of mind).

Send Aaton the ATN floppy of this second transfer, 
as well as the CMX floppies out of your Avid NLE.
We will use our *edilite* freeware (so it will be free :->)  
to correlate the Avid CMX lists made of the videoTC of your 
first transfer to the good keycodes attached to the videoTC 
of the second transfer; and you will get your much desired 
neg-cutting list...