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Re: resolutions, etc..

I'd like to add to the thread on resolutions that in many cases a
tradeoff is made (as mentioned) in terms of the economics of file
sizes.  But it's not just economics.  Bear in mind that ultimately
the film is going to be projected, and the truth is that the print-
distribution-projection process is probably where most loss is going
to occur.  Therefore, looking at the "overall" system response, it
is often hard to justify anything greater than 2Kx2K for mny of today's
effects and features.  For extremely hard work (fur texures, and all 
that ILM stuff) the situation may be different in that so many layers 
and such large formats require top-notch (4Kx4K) handling.  This may
be an oversimplification, but you get the point.


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