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Re: Aaton Keylink 6.02

HennBalt at aol.com wrote:
> I've been using the new 6.02 keylink software now for about a month and wow.
>  i think it is a great improvement and it seems much more easier to work.  


I agree with you very much.  This is not a perfect world, however I have
found that the Keylink system is incredibly flexable.  After all almost
every job is different, every client is different.  Another point
brought up is that Aaton is very quick and timely in product support.  I
have had a few instances were they went out of their way to address
problems and concerns.  This is very refreshing to me because when I was
working in another facility with another keycode system and had
problems, the standard answer I would get from product support would be
"you are not using it right".  All I can say is I am glad I am not at
the other facility and I am gald that I am using Aaton Keylink.

My 2 Cents

Rich Navarro