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Re: Pin Registration (was Re: Kepping)

	Hi there, a lot of different opinions on this subject, thank you for 
your inputs, yes in theory we should take care of steadiness in 
telecine, but I bet very few people would be able to tell the 
difference between pin  and non pin registered stuff, performances 
can vary from one system to another, I have seen pin reg. neg very 
stable in center and weaving in corners of the frame in fact less 
stable than my jumpfree, I have used VE pin gate and I found out if 
was not stable because the geometry of my tube was drifting, in fact 
100% of the time jumpfree is good enough and  RTS is even 
better if you are a perfectionist, with post-stabilization at least I 
know it will be done perfectly .In Paris there is no more pin reg. 
systems in action, and I think special effects are not so bad there 
as well. The pin reg. situation make me think of wet gate situation, 
you have sometimes guys who say " how dare you work on neg without a 
wet gate ?" and I say " I will use a wet gate if a neg is damaged, 
but this is restoration, not my job, while you are doing your 
plumbing I grade and that's a lot more fun". 


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