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testimonials, NAB97 telecine focus

In the case of a posted 'testimonial' praising a certain product, a
brief disclaimer disassociating the praising poster from the
particular product's marketing engine and employ is effective.

version 2 of the NAB97 focus sheet follows.  The purpose of this
sheet is to provide visitors to NAB who have little time the ability
to focus on the telecine products that are most newsworthy.  The
current version reflects only that information which has been sent to

Options International will graciously again be providing a
contribution box for anyone who would like to drop off their annual
contribution to the TIG.  Details on the costs of running the TIG are
available on the webpage.


Cintel 				booth 6543
	--Ursa Diamond
	--C-Reality film scanning
	--Klone with Iron
	--TKG exposure report generator

Spirit pin registration		booth 9901

AVD				booth 8817 (Tekniche)
	--latest version HR1440 telecine
	--new 8:4:4/4:4:4 still store
	--Mountaingate 8:4:4 VDR

Kodak				booth 10640

Sony HD telecine		suite --how to see?

Innovation TK			booth s2444 Sands
	latest TWiGi
		..on URSA at Cintel booth
		--vertical aliasing fix
		--increases tube's light output
		--decreases granularity
	Lens Barrel
		--fix for URSA geometry errors
		--technology demo of dirt/scratch removal,
			product launched at IBC later 97

Pandora				booth 4559
		--latest version of PLATINUM on SGI
		--color-space interpreter ensuring color legality
		--new digital version of Lionel ECG (4:4:4/4:2:2)
		--full-range primary color corrector for edit suites
		--technology demo of realtime film-res color
			correction system launching IBC 97
Options				booth 4653
	PIN +
		--new RTS/Steadi combo gate
	Pin Reg gate for FDL90/Quadra telecines
	KeyKode/ARRI Timecode combo 16/35 heads/decoder (Evertz)

Ross Video			booth 8354
	CDK-104 Telecine Switcher

Evertz				booth 7160
	Key-Log Tracker  (new GUI)
	New firmware for 4025

CMP3 Technology			booth S4372 (Sands)
	New Film Cleaner
		--full-immersion, multi-solvent

Lipsner-Smith			booth 7345
	New Film Cleaner
		--full immersion, multi-solvent

Tekniche			booth 8817, Hall S3
	IXION Standards Converters
		--new 10-bit serial digital

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