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Telecine Sparkle

Dear Rob,

I would like to get some comment from other video facilities
concerning sparkle on film and how the matter is handled  with clients
and the Film Laboratories.

Briefly our company structure is as follows. The Video Lab
Johannesburg is a video facility company within The Video Lab Group.
The Video Lab has linear and non linear digital on-line suits, 2 Ursa
Gold's, a 3D and special effect side using Flame and various 3D
software packages and an audio side with fairly sophisticated digital
suits. There are various other industry related divisions within the
group one of which is a Film Laboratory, which is a fairly recent
acquisition. I am responsible for technical operations at The Video

What I would like to know is how other facilities deal with sparkle on
negative film. When is it excessive, particularly with reference to
16mm material, and how are jobs dealt with which have "excessive"
sparkle. We often have situations where material is transferred to
tape with sparkle because there is no time in the schedule to have the
material sent back to the lab's for cleaning. This may be because its
a commercial and the flighting time does not allow for rescheduling or
that it is longform material and the client wants to see his sunk up
rushes yesterday. 

The question is, if it is longform material and it is transferred so
the client can view his rushes and then re-transferred after it has
been cleaned who should pick up the costs of the re-transfer or
alternatively if it is not cleaned and re-transfered who pays for the
cost of correcting the material in the final edit? If it is a
commercial and the sparkle is corrected in the edit suit who should
pick up the costs? We are in the awkward position that the only local
film lab is part of our group and as people do not have a local
alternative the "excessive" sparkle becomes the video facilities

I am not looking for people to quote on this matter but merely some
feedback so I can assess what  the norm is in other parts of the

Any comments would be appreciated.

Ivor Westpfahl, one of our engineers has also asked if you would put
him on your Telecine mailing list. the address is    ivor at vljhb.vlg.co.za 

Your sincerely

John Rohrs
Manager Technical Operations

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