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Re: Telecine Sparkle

John Rohrs wrote:

> I would like to get some comment from other video facilities
> concerning sparkle on film

My first impression is that you have a bad problem with your lab.  I
suggest going to see how they handle camera negative, as really there
should not be any sparkle there at all.  For instance I have found in
the past that labs that handle material for cinema release let ends of
negatives and leaders drag on the floor as really no-one seems to worry
too much about a little sparkle in the cinema ;-)

This dirt then tends to spread itself around.

On some occassions I have have needed to send negative back to the lab
to be not just ultrsonicly cleaned but rewashed....  Warning.....  I
have found that if you have colour corrected the material before this
happens (rewash only) you will probably have to re colour correct after
it comes back.

I have been using PTR's on both Cintel and BTS machines with great
success, they are not expensive, somewhere around USD1,000.  

Of course, the other option is to use dirt and scratch concealment
software, which may or may not introduce artifacts.

Otherwise its off to a paintbox device and colour in by the numbers!


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