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Re: Telecine Engineer

The Library of Congress needs a Telecine Operator capable of setup,
operation, and minor maintenance on a Rank Cintel Mark III.

Familiarity with dubbing videotape formats of 1", Betacam, and D2 are
essential with 2" quad a welcome addition.  

Position is a one year personal services contract with salary commensurate
with experience.  

Applicants may respond directly to Allan McConnell, Head Engineer,
Recording Laboratory, Preservation Services Section, MBRS Division, The
Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave.SE, Washington, DC. 20540

mailinglist digest available......advertising *not* on this list; post
marketing-oriented messages to 'telecine-announce at alegria.com' after 
making the required support contribution..inquiries to rob at alegria.com