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Re: Usenet information

On Mar 19, 17:32, Thriftfilm at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Usenet information

> Hello - I'd like to obtain information on the Usenet group or listserv (?) on
> telecine I heard about in the February Millimeter magazine.
> Thank you!
> John Marston
> ThriftyFilm Productions
> Washington DC
> Mr.Thrifty at thriftyfilm.com

John, the Millimeter article has it wrong.  There is no 'Usenet' group
for telecine, the address to subscribe is
'telecine-request at alegria.com' (they had it as
'telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com'), and it is an internet mailinglist.

Goes to show you what happens when the editors of an article don't
check their information carefully.

Information on the Telecine Internet Group can be found on the
webpage (this is what should have been referenced in the article) at


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