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There are many factors influencing the cleanliness of processed film, either
negative, print or reversal.

Some variables considered should be focused both at the lab level and the
telecine operator level.  Ideally you need both to work in tandem to resolve
the many different situations encountered in process and transfer.

In our experience, three things seem to induce sparkle.  

The first begins with how well the film dries.  Any type of weave or film
buckling, may not produce sparkle at the lab, but more than likely introduce
it at the telecine stage.  The tracking mechanism on telecine are generally
less forgiving.  You can verify this by looking for film shavings and dust
around your transfer equipment.  Generally Fuji and Agfa stock show more
cupping and weave.

Another variable is contact with skin oil.  This possibly occurs during
handling of PTR rollers and the film itself.  Skin oil tends to attract and
maintain dirt and sparkle on film.  Our lab handles processed film with
cotton gloves from machine to final packaging.

A third possibility is the purity of the water used at the film lab.
Chemical dirt and film particles may saturate the surface of the film and
dry.  No amount of washing will solve this when the wash solution is
saturated with not only process dirt by dirt from you municiple source.

Please feel free to offer comment.   Thanks

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