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FW: Telecine Sparkle

From: 	Ken Robinson[SMTP:flight4 at ibm.net]
Sent: 	18 Mart 1997 Salư 21:57
To: 	Telecine Forum
Subject: 	Re: Telecine Sparkle

Ken Robinson wrote:

On some occassions I have have needed to send negative back to the lab
to be not just ultrsonicly cleaned but rewashed....  Warning.....  I
have found that if you have colour corrected the material before this
happens (rewash only) you will probably have to re colour correct after
it comes back.

Do you think that ultrasonic cleaning process shifts the color of negative?

In Istanbul, we experienced some sparkles can not be removed by ultrasonic cleaning, then realized that they are not any kind of dust but unsuccessful rem jet removal. So any kind of cleaning method didn't work. It happened a few times and only in Kodak stock but never in Fuji. John's problem maybe the same rem jet.

Dogan Sariguzel

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