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Re: super 35mm

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:02:43 -0800, Andy Toms wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if I need to rent a super 35 gate to handle super 35 on 
>an URSA, or does the standard gate with an afterglow skidplate have a wide 
>enough range to see the whole image??
>Is there an alignment film for super 35??, and does anyone rent gates??
>Andy Toms

Andy, strickly speaking it isn't necessary to use a Super 35mm gate to run
full aperture 35, unless you intend to project the entire image "perf to
perf", in which case you should rent a Super 35mm gate from Cintel.
Otherwise, there's no physical reason as there is with Super 16mm.

There is a very nice Super 35mm alignment film available through Options
(D.E.L. Alignment & Resolution).  Works great and not too expensive.  It has
extraction points for Academy, and various other aspects from full aperture.
I recommend it as an alternative to the SMPTE A&R film.

Dean Humphus

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