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Re: super 35mm

The Afterglow gate, which is actually made by Video Engineering, is
designed to handle both S35 and 35 formats, the lenses are no different.
If you are using an optical print you use the drop in plate to stop any
flare from the sound track area coming into the picture.

Regarding S35 alignment....  I have some which was delivered with my
Quadra, so maybe you could contact BTS to see if they can help.

The only other thing to remember is that you must set up the scans
correctly so that URSA is auto aligning S35 and then use your Pan base
mems (I presume you are a DV user) to switch to 35.

For more info why not contact VE direct:

  100526.3674 at compuserve.com


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Andy Toms wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if I need to rent a super 35 gate to handle super 35 on
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