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Re: Super 35mm

On Mar 19,  7:32pm, Lorne T. Miess wrote:
> Subject: Super 35mm
> Does anyone know if there is a 35mm test film to line up an URSA telecine?
> Are there any articles, on the Net, regarding this subject.  Are there some
> operational things to watch out for.  Any help would be appreciated.
> regards,
> Lorne T. Miess
> Senior Colourist
> Studio Post & Transfer, Edmonton, Canada
> Voice (403) 436-4444
> Fax    (403) 438-8520

  SMTPE is still wortking on one but it hasn't been released yet.  However, you
can try Stan Dickinson at DEL

21 Stonehenge Rd.
Ridgefield, Ct.  06877
Phone  203-438-1167
fax    203-438-1571

Mark A. Girard
Chief  Engineer			
Cinesite Digital Film Center		Phone:  213-468-4400
1017 N. Las Palmas			Fax:    213-468-4404
Hollywood, Ca.  90038			Pager:  818-559-0911

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