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RE: URSA problem

Dave Corbit wrote:

Has anyone seen this problem?  In one of our TK rooms we have an URSA 4x4 with
Meta-Speed and DaVinci DUI.  We have an intermittent problem that happens only
once in a while and has me perplexed as to the cause.  Once in a while when
using the step (jog) mode the telecine will continue rolling until the stop
button is hit several times.  We've done all the usual things such as
restarting the Indy, resetting URSA comms, checking all the connections.  The
DaVinci frame count updates at the right time (halfway up the frame).  Any
ideas anyone?

This happened on my Mark III with Meta-Speed.  Apparently one of the photo sensors for the gate tach was slightly damaged when the gates were being changed (not hard to imagine) and simply redoing the Meta-Speed tach set-up procedure fixed it.  Brad Walker could tell you more.  Hope this helps.

Eric Morgan
Alpha Cine Labs

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