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Re: URSA problem

Dave Corbitt wrote:

....  We have an intermittent problem that happens only
> once in a while and has me perplexed as to the cause.  Once in a while when
> using the step (jog) mode the telecine will continue rolling until the stop
> button is hit several times.  We've done all the usual things such as
> restarting the Indy, resetting URSA comms, checking all the connections.  The
> DaVinci frame count updates at the right time (halfway up the frame).  Any
> ideas anyone?
> Dave Corbitt
> Manhattan Transfer

Here in New Zealand we had the newest 888 panels installed in January.
One of the problems is that the 'step reverse' function will continue to
step even when hands are off the button. We have spoken to Da Vinci and
they assure us that it is a Da Vinci problem and will be remedied with
their next software release.

So for now it is 'step/reverse' 'stop'. It makes can frame adjust quite
commical, not to mention frustrating !

There are other functions on the panels that are not yet implimented and
one or two other 'bugs':for instance, the central panel is slow to
update displays; it gets jammed on your previous selection (e.g. won't
switch from 'Telecine' to '888Proc' )- leaving the displays as they were
but the functions change. You go to grab the pot with 'chroma' displayed
above it and find you are in fact adjusting the phase ! Resetting the
panels does remedy the situation, but again, a little frustrating !

Anyone else out there having hassles with the new panels ?

Deidre McClelland
Digital Post

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