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fanning the flames

Disclaimer on the following message: it is opinion.  It is not fact,
and is not meant to be a slam against any manufacturer.  


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JKreines at aol.com wrote:
> So, Ken, as a Rank user for all these years, you probably are in a good
> position to give an unbiased opinion of the Quadra.  How do you like it?
> I'm very curious...
> Jeff "someday my Quadra will come" Kreines

Yes, err, well, thank you Jeff for allowing me the oportunity to be
sliced into pieces.

Unbiased opinion, well again this is impossible, but I will try.

Why did I choose a Quadra?

A number of reasons.  When my partner and I had to select a transfer to
buy we had the following things to think about:

Value for money, not just for us, we were both putting substantial
amounts of money into the system, but for our clients as well.  Chile is
a long way from MY favorite engineering company and also for spares,
such as CRT's.  Expensive to buy, ship and import. Cintel at that stage
weren't really clear on whether they were going to support outside
vendors such as will be going into the Diamond.  Anyway we needed it
well before this years NAB.  The differential cost of the machines is
made larger by import duties that must be paid here.

Performance differences when I had looked at splits were so minimal that
they really made no difference.  Obviously you have the pluses for CRT
technology as well as the pluses for CCD.  I really liked the idea that
the machine arrived and worked at 30fps backwards and forwards with
zooms and without having to have the NEWSFLIP idea that for me has
fallen a little below expectation, especially when one uses it with S35
scanning area (edge focus).  S16 was also the other area that is much
better on the Quadra, not to mention the stable servo right out of the

Having been around many Cintel machine installations, I have never had a
working machine arrive and it has allways taken a fairly long time to
get things ironed out, time that I personaly couldn't afford
financialy.  Cintels have always had their personalities, more so with
the older MK3 jumpscans, but nevertheless they are still there.  

I was also interested in the idea of getting a working low noise CCD
machine and then when time allows start to look at performance increases
much like what has happened with Cintel.  In reality CCD has not been
pushed particularly hard, so I feel that there is probably a great deal
that can be achieved given time and effort.

I miss the familiar lace up and the green colour and really the general
familiarity that I have had with Cintel machines over the last fifteen
years or so, but I am really happy with my Quadra except for one slight
misunderstanding regarding using half the 444 o/p.....  Anyone else
using the 422 and not the 022 beware!  Luckily my Russell Square filters
the signal enough not to see the aliasing!  BTW anyone know of a genuine
filter to overcome this?  Buying the 444 booster box is a little
expensive.  I understand that Leach may make something.

I am happy to answer any other questions that people may have....  I
promise to be as objective and unbiased as I can.

I am also sending this note via Rob as I refuse to be the trigger for
another marketing war!  

For info I am using:

DVNR 500
Russell Square
AND Windows 95 for Spanish translation!

So as you can see I have gone off in a completely different direction
for this part of the world, and so far so good!


I am not in the employment of anyone else except myself, I have accepted
dinner and drinks from various parties, but not for anything more than
nutrition and getting drunk!

Ken Robinson
Imagen Transfer			
Av.Cristobal Colon 4733
Las Condes
Santiago de Chile

Phone +56 2 207 9515 
Fax   +56 2 228 5871

186,000 miles per second.  Not just a good idea.....  It's the LAW!

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