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On Mar 22,  4:35, Molinare Engineering wrote:
} Subject: SHEDDING OF KODAK 7222

> Hi ROB
> Have any of your friends had a problem with Kodak's 7222 B/W 16mm 
> filmstock. On several occasions we have had loads of white powder and 
> gunge all over our 16mm gate, both Rank's and Video Engineering's gate's.
> We never get this with colour stock, only B/W. Perhaps its usually fast 
> film-speed thats used in B/W shoots?
> You can contact me at Molinare, E-Mail 106173.1145 at compuserve.com
> Best Regards
> Geoff Cooper

Geoff, I believe this is common with all B&W stocks... I don't have
the time to search the archives right now for the references but it
has been discussed here on the TIG, and one solution --on a capable
telecine-- is to flop the film physically, then unflop


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