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Re: fanning the flames with CCD's

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> Jeff "open mind, open wallet, closed circuit" Kreines

Dear Mr. Open Wallet....

This Video look thing.  In my travels I have found that opinions vary:

For example I had one client in Argentina who said to me that my
pictures looked very video coming out of an URSA.  I had an Accom NR
using only the Recursives, gently.....  As soon as I put the median on
and blasted it, he said wow, that looks better!  Resolution had gone and
as far as I was concerned a plastic look had appeared, but hey......

Thus, it feels a little like the thread on the TIG not so long ago
regarding the Filmic v's Video look.

As I said before, both CRT and CCD tech. needs to be driven within their
respective limitations.  I am beginning to believe more and more now
that the performance of the Telecine is more dependent on the equipment
that lies downstream, given that the Telecine is operating without any
faults or errors, be they shading, scan patch for example or FPN than
with the machine itself.  For example, noise reducers:  I see them set
generally far too high for my taste, thus reducing the resolution of the
o/p signal and producing a different look than was exiting the
Telecine.  Colour correction is another area that changes things
drasticly.  Go to 5 different countries and experience 5 different
tastes, from almost the same look as was shot, to a very modified high
chroma appearance.  None of this is a problem, because as in everything
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, all it takes is time for the
colorist to get used to what is wanted.

In the days of say a Mk 3 v's a FDL60, I would agree, no competition. 
But now everything is getting closer and closer.  I wonder if one can
gage percentage wise the difference say in resolution between a Quadra,
Diamond and Spirit (at 525/625), so much so, that once the final look
has been achieved  and recorded (more likely than not on some sort of
analogue tape that broadcasters are using) we can get back to my
original quest of VFM.

I feel strongly that the 80/20 rule applies in all cases. 

It maybe time for BTS to think about building a Quadra that has the
USD120k CCD's and the special light source without even a hint of high
definition or 2k.  This would probably be no different to the Diamond /
Gold deal in extra money.

MY opinion is that marketing has really driven the issue here.  Cintel
have always done well in making sure they are exposed not only in our
specific area but also in magazines that our clients read.  How many
stories have you heard about clients calling up and saying something
like "do you have a daVinci?", the reply might be "no, we have a brand
new Pogle with 12:12:12:103 processing....", the client hangs up and
ends up down the road with a company who is running and old Classic
daVinci.  What about the D1, Digi beta deal?   

So in conclusion (at least to this message) I say that:

1.	I am very happy with my Quadra (I made certain of that before I paid
the money).  I would also 	have been happy with a Diamond (had it 1.
been available and 2. In my price range).  I wouldn't 	have liked to
have a standard Gold, too many compromises for me.

2.	That 80% of all of this is down to location, location, location..... 
Marketing..... and VFM!

3.	Would people please come back from their weekends and make some

4.	Of course, if someone would like to build a telecine that would do
the following and be less than USD500k I would be happy to make it my
next purchase:

realtime mech pin reg switchable.
Noiseless hi resolution head end.
Auto cleaning of film
Scratch concealment
The size of a D1
Low maintenance 
Auto output of the best signal with respect to the film/neg in the
machine (manual overide of course).  In other words auto technical one
Auto keycode etc....

Ken "in a dream again" Robinson
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