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Re: A review of Philips Spirit DataCine

At 09:47 PM 3/21/97 -0000, Richard Ashton wrote:

>For months I have been reading the mail on the Telecine Internet Group
>regarding the FLH-1000.  While rumors of an FLH in NYC were proliferating,
major deletia.........

>John Dowdell

While I am planning on looking at the Spirit again this NAB, I as troubled
by this message being posted AGAIN. It looks very much like the same message
I read months ago when it was posted by Dowdell HIMSELF. My only assumption
can be that it is meant as a sales tool to engender interest at NAB. I
thought it had been made clear that this is not the list for such things,
and just so Rob is not the only one reminding anyone, I just thought I would
say that I don't like it either. 

I was not impressed with Spirit last year, and I don't expect to be this
year. I doubt that I could ever recommend such a machine to my facility.
While I've been listening to those of you who actually slapped down the
million plus -- I've only heard grand chest puffing, and over- investment
justifying .... 

I still haven't heard response to how much a light replacement is (rumors
suggest that
the CW is to replace the housing at 15k. What a familiar amount...)

I've also heard that the REAL (we mean it this time) Data output machine
will show up at NAB this year. With this rumor was the idea that the current
machine was going down in price (no data out, "unplugged" if you will), and
the new one would be around a million. Really glad I'm not on that special
first buyers charter.....

Hey maybe it'll actually rotate now, or do really good vari-speeds. How bout
a filter kit? oops... CCD technology!!  I always forget. I've also learned
from discussions that
a flat and lifeless picture (on a CCD machine)  is analagous to "more
filmic". it's amazing the things I pick up on way out here in the midwest.

Has anyone seen what's going on in stand alone scanning? ... seems to me you
could have a room that scans and a room that does color correction working
AT THE SAME TIME for less money than what a Spirit costs. What a novel
concept. The next time someone re-invents the wheel like this, I hope they
tell me sooner... it takes so much time to figure this stuff out.

happy knob twiddling,

Craig Leffel

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