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Re: A review of Philips Spirit DataCine

Craig Leffel wrote:
> My only assumption
> can be that it is meant as a sales tool to engender interest at NAB.

My first assumption that it was a mistake.....  I think that most people
in our business have heard of the Spirit and will be visiting the booth
as well as going to see Cintel's "larger" CRT device.

Regarding the comments you make about CCD's:

I have a filter kit for my CCD.....!
Flat and lifless, no problem, I can produce that as well a picture full
of life....  And what is more I, after 15 years of practise can do the
same on a CRT machine!  Haven't tried the Spirit in anger, but it looked
real nice to me, disregarding my VFM equation. 
> I still haven't heard response to how much a light replacement is (rumors
> suggest that
> the CW is to replace the housing at 15k. What a familiar amount...)

I remember asking the above question and being told that it was no where
near that much.....  Philips, why don't you confirm?

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