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Spirit DataCine Questions


Craig Leffel raised some points on the Spirit DataCine which I would like
to respond to:

1. Lamp cost for the Spirit DataCine. Philips charges $1,500 US Dollars
for a replacement lamp. It is not a proprietary item and may be sourced
elsewhere for a lot less. ( we print the brand, and the manufacturers
part number on the machine ) We spec a life of about a 1000 hours for
the lamp, but Spirit users have achieved over 4000 hours.

2. Variable speeds. Yes it does have variable speed. Currently 2 to 30
frames per second, forward and reverse with an extension to 57
frames per second in the near future.. 

3. Image Rotation. This option is complete. First installation was at VTR,
London last week.

4. Data output is complete, and ready for shipment, ( It was actually
shown at IBC 96 working, but this was an early alpha version - the final
version is now complete )

5. Filters for CCD machines. South London Filters make sets for the
Quadra, and have another set under test, which will be shortly available
for the Spirit DataCine.

Steve Russell
Marketing Manager - Film Imaging Products
Philips BTS

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