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RE>Re: A review of Philips Spirit DataCine

> I still haven't heard response to how much a light replacement is (rumors
> suggest that
> the CW is to replace the housing at 15k. What a familiar amount...)


We are currently running at 3800 hours plus on our first lamp for the Spirit.
(running since September 1,  1996)
The replacement cost of the lamp from Philips is $1,500.  We have purchased
our spare lamps from an alternate supplier at approximately $500 a piece.

My understanding is that the lamphousing is around 16K to replace.  But I'm not
really sure why this point was brought up since one shouldn't have to replace the lamphousing.  If anyone out there knows otherwise,  please share. 

Lynette Duensing
The Filmworkers Club/Chicago

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