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Re: Spirit, Light Bulbs, etc...

At 04:49 PM 3/24/97 +0000, David Warner wrote:
>   I'm wondering what the "Buyer Beware" thing was supposed to mean?


I certainly appreciate your endorsement of the Spirit.  I wrote the "Buyer
Beware" remark simply in reference to the price-performance ratio of the
device.  A one million dollar plus price tag must be amortized over at
least a 3 or 5 year period.  Yet, already within one year of Spirit's
introduction, newer technology (that will do a lot more) is about to become
available on the market.  I bet this technology costs a lot less too (it

I have never contested the quality or the impressive features of the
Spirit, nor would I.  I have contested the high price one must pay to get
those features.  I felt this was a bad precedent for our industry; one
which I feel we will all ultimately pay for, whether we purchase this
machine or not.  

I certainly agree with you that the Spirit is "a work in progress".  As you
clearly pointed out,

>How much can the Spirit improve in the next couple of years?  

Well, we shall soon see how Philips and their clever competitors respond to
your query, I am certain.  The question still is, what will this cost, and
will it be worth it to our industry?  Even Philips has been stunned by the
response the Spirit has received to date.  What was that phrase about
laughing all the way to the bank?



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