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Black Cats and Full Moons

Coming to you live from Dallas Texas. Where green traffic lights mean
tailgate barbaque's, Turn lane means earn lane, And pretty smiles stop
traffic. What a country!      Urghh state.
  Heard some recent chatter about:

1.      Super35/Full Aperture/More Plastic.

        Were talkin' superstitionnn, ohh ohh oh,- we're talking
superstitionnn, ohh ohh oh!
        History has shown that until very recently Super35 had only been
seen wearing a red cape.

        No product endorsements or digs intended due to lack of adequate offer.

        First all machining of has only recently been somewhat uniformly
adopted. Almost all the various manufacturers offer a version of a Super35
skid plate. It reguires much more than this. Later! Call Options and they
should be able to hook you up quite easily with after market plates that
are real good to go!
        As recommended, D.E.L. manufactures a sizing and registration chart
for S35 combo 35. This will be your product of choice for test film.
        Next we need to deal with each given Cintel product manufactured
and I'm not going write them all down due to insufficient desire.
        Trust me though, it really, really matters. Given Ursa, all. Unless
this has changed. It depends greatly on which version of software (Gate
Coding) you have installed. The software, SPMTE35, Super35, 16mm, Super16,
Super8, the list goes on, must be installed and operational for things to
start happening. Consistently.
        At last known roost (HD),the URSA's were equiped with a toggle
switch (home grown) installed to enable Scans software, choice for 35//S35
and proper 16. One just effects the other. You're probably going to use the
same for all 35 so you'll be losing your key at the gate. Now comes all the
superstition, oh oh oh!
        Enables the proper science from Cintel for scan placement and all
associated math used for given scan to insure correct AUTO ALLIGNMENT
proceedures. Ohh oh oh! Could possibly effect proper opporation of
JUMPFRE?? Or any vertical stability/scan position device??
        It's a good ?
        Any takers?
        We're talking 1 URSA GOLD, 1 4X4, 2 URSA's at one place tested. All
are set up and will function wonderfully with the following Readers Digest
        Basic theory. Scan placement at TUBE surface is going to effect the
proper A.A. of the TC deck. Try rotating the scan at the remote consule,
open mirror box, go to locale while watching the patch. Usually WOW is
heard softly. And you all may wonder why A.A. can be a bitch. It gets
spookier. Ohh, oh, oh.
        Make sure you check all roller, tack and other contact surface
areas for proper clearence. No scrathes down the new edge you're going to
get. Optical audio track area may now be seen. Beware, if you need O.A. you
need a block for the skid plate. This closes you down left side only. You
should now be using your version of SMPTE35 gate coding, sizing as such.
Hit the switch. Use care, consistency and the right tools.
        Mark series Rank Cintels are a whole different psuedo science.
Early version E.P.R. users should have their skid plates measured against
current milling.Heck, I'd rather be fishing.
        Check your PIN gates!
        There are alot of implications envolved with S35/35 or you'll
experience inconsistencies.
        Recommendations. ENG check all active software, preferably with
Cintel service rep. Install (enable!) software, mount skid plate, install
toggle, set and store ALL scans. S35 35 16 and all others if used. The
switch remember, effects 16 operation. Check, set, store hut hut!
        Practice on artficial turf, stretch a groin.
        God bless Jerry Ramsey
        Be real careful. Call all maufac's for complete info.
        Or call Mike Orton. Mike knows everything!
        Mike, CHECK your E-mail as Rob suggests.

2.      Sparkling.

        Would somebody shoot that darn disco ball.
        What ever happened to Danny Tarrio? (?0
        A rewash should in no way effect the colorimetry of modern film
stocks. A rewash is mostly intended at this point to heat the plastic
(everything expands) so that debis is easily dislodged and washed away. RD
        This process should in no way effect the FIXED colour cell
structure on the neg.
        Sorry. It's more likely that the way you originally set your
FOOTPRINT to the URSA was not replicated exactly next set-up round.

        Chorus. Ohh oh oh!

        Something shallow or very deep.

        It's pretty given knowledge that most TC drivers have a often loved
Basemem, Config, Try getting all the stuff set up right that's mentioned
above (S35/35?). Make sure you set up to each of the above the same way.
        Also a possibility would be static electricity.
        If you find that you have a shocking personality, hair heigth 2
inches above scalp or your view of the fireworks inside the transport tray
is shocking, call Ghostbusters.
        Try negative ion ejection into the air. Check all the grounds.
Check that when a command is sent from remote to the TC deck you're not
getting gate blast even in 35! That's right, put your assist at the TC and
rock the film. If you hear PST/PST, toggle gate blast at remote deck and
try again. If this symptom persists cal ENG.
        Also, SPARKLES can be either dirt or electronic. Are they there
when you jog through film frames. Are they constant or totally random.
Anything similiar in occurance ie. movement (any) say boo!
        There are a heck of alot of factors that can effect this internal
to the transfer facility. There are also factors that can happen in the
lab. However, if you rack over a scene that's 1-2 maybe 3X clean and
suddenly you get SPARKLES. Pull up anchor and head to dock.
        Can you return rack to same frame producing same results.
        Typically, film when cleaned at the lab during heavy a.m.turnaround
may not be subjected to the absolute best world. Labs do however take great
pride in the end product. If you are getting this consistently from the
first play and you've elimnated some or all of the above, and you've got PT
rollers. Gain a good focus with the lab manager.

        I'd list all the curves we get thrown as users and share further
info. about FOOTPRINTS but someone would then need to shoot me.

        My God, do ya'll realize that you can spend eight hours on a sat,
they'll feed you lunch. And then give you a piece of paper that makes it
legal for ya'll to carry a conceiled weapon.
        Sound anything similiar to a daVinci basic training course of years ago.
        True story. There are signs up at bars that say "check your weapons
or break the law." RD version.
        Most break the law.

        Honestly, it's been my experience that if you have all the scan
stuff right, your Basemem (config) loaded for a known (consistent) film
source, both scan AND picture level and hyper psuedo science when back in
locale  at  TC and you will at least develop a well planned trip.

        Remember home boys, when we were driving MkII there was no neg.
gain bro, shading was set in pos mode with a card on the extender and a guy
with a pocket protector. MkIII same. URSA shading?


3.      "A" or even "B" frame edits utilizing DF timecode on the record
master. YO!! T.L.C.!

        Hasn't drop frame on source material gone the way of "B" format 1"?
Oh well, someone needs to watch the clock.

        Man this stuff is easy. DF tc drops 2 frames every minute except
the 10th minute. What this means is that you will often find that you can't
record to TC entered into your updated TLC. edit in point. Man, write a
macro that trims the input back - :05 , use the colon.
        All this depends somewhat on everything being set to the whole
system as DF in older software.
        More chorus.
        Hit the 3:2 or 3/2 key with a shited set. hut-hut.hut. If you get
less than 5 choices you've got older software/system. If you get more than
5 but less than 9. Go fishing 'cause ya got a good tackle box. FYI, aren't
the TLC, and the way Gary Adams responds to cituations, the shinning stars
of TC ENG good guys.
        3-2-1 roll
        edits in
        how did it look?
        umm! good I quess.
        we'll check it next reel.
        How'd it look
        we caught a frame of black
        racking back
        3-2-1 roll

        Cause ya couldn't STOP

        3-2-1 all over again.

        Between Gary and manuals, this stuff is easily solved.
        GOOD LUCK Mr. Neal

        It seems that I've managed to once again hang my buttox over the
fence. Take a whack!

M. Drew Marsh
Senior Colorist
The FilmWorkers Club/Dallas
go fish


4.      SpiritDatacine:
        After 4 months of marriage to my Data I must profoundly annouce.

        Try one on for awhile.

P.P.S.  I've been invited by Phillips to demo their babes at N.A.B. on Mon
and Tues. I'd love to stay longer but Texas needs me.
Grab some neg that you're familiar with. Pack a lunch 'cause you've had the
food on the floor before! Wear very casual dress 'cause it makes the guys
in suits envious. Drink plenty of liquids. Leave your attitude at the door.
And don't forget tip money, They'll be a cup on the consule next to the

After all, I've got to pay for the Spirit in Texas.

        I'd rather beg to have a Spirit
        Than to be showered with Diamonds and Gold.

God bless

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