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Re: A review of Philips Spirit DataCine

Neil Feldman writes, re the Spirit:

>As it has also been said so eloquently before, Buyer Beware.

Neil, please, try to illuminate this a bit further for us.  A blind 
warning like this is extremely uninformative, and would lead one to think 
you are trying to warn people not because there is some problem with the 
Spirit you know about, but that you dislike the Spirit for some personal 
reason.  But I'm sure that's not the case.

So, please, what exactly about the Spirit should we all be aware of?  
I've seen some awfully ugly sniping here from both sides, allegations 
that certain people are being paid by certain manufacturers, and more.  
This forum is not what it used to be...

Rather than add more heat and little light (and no, that isn't a CRT 
joke) please (and I do mean this sincerely) tell us what it is that we 
should beware of.  I know Philips won't do it, Cintel won't either, so 
it's up to others to do it.  And that's what this forum is for.

And, since you made this remark, you've been chosen to inform us all!

(And yes, I know it's expensive, but all telecine equipment is way too 

Best regards,

Jeff Kreines

[My usual signature line has been deleted in posts to the TIG at the 
insistence of Rob Lingelbach, who felt that it was "advertising."  I 
strongly disagree with Rob, but, to paraphrase Mencken, I try never to 
fight with people who buy bauds by the barrel.  

I will try to remember to delete it every time I post, but, honestly, my 
feeling is that it's a ridiculous request.  The amount of material on 
this TIG that could be considered "advertising" (look at all the 
pro-Spirit posts)  is quite high...  and a sig line that identifies my 
business and what I do serves more to identify the source of my opinions, 
rather than actually advertise.  There are some people who post here 
without identifying themselves, and it is very difficult to know what to 
make of their opinions, since one has no idea who they are or what they 

So, Rob, while I am trying hard to honor your request, I can not do it in 
silence.  Feel free, everyone, to contact me if you agree or disagree.]

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