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Re: Spirit, Light Bulbs, etc...

At 01:05 AM 3/25/97 -0800, Mike Orton wrote:

>I think Neil has effectively summed up many people's mixed feelings about
>the Spirit.
>I personally am disappointed that the machine is touted as having "2k"
>resolution, while in fact having no such thing. 1920 pixels luma and 960
>pixels RGB does not constitute the same as a 2k RGB scanner.
>The pictures from the machine are certainly the most amazing that I have
>ever seen from any real-time telecine. This is not the entire story as far
>as the folks on the left coast are concerned. There is the question of
>functionality and applicability. Interestingly enough, the machine has yet
>to find significant acceptance in Hollywood. One reason? We can buy five
>scanners for the same price.

Bravo Mike! I wrote my message in sort of an "I've had it with no one really
saying what's up" sort of way and I'm really glad a better orator such as
yourself took the time to say it so distinctly. 

I agree with other postings that Phillips hasn't been in the market very
long with the Spirit, but Bosch HAS. So saying that Cintel has had a 15 year
head start is misleading. CCD telecines have been around for awhile last
time I checked.

Thank you to Steve Russell for clearing up my rumor checks. I was told that
the best way to replace the bulb was to replace the housing. I'm glad this
is not true, and that bulbs are so cheap. Now If I could just find a car
grill I really wanted to make look fabulous.....

Thanks to all for discussion....


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