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Re: A review of Philips Spirit DataCine

On Mar 25,  4:18, Jeff Kreines wrote:
} Subject: Re: A review of Philips Spirit DataCine

> This forum is not what it used to be...

'Forums' often change character with growth.  On the whole, I'd say
our erstwhile group is doing OK.  The sniping can be self-regulating
or sometimes prompts a small retributive letter (usually personal)
from me.  It has been shown that the majority here prefers an open,
unmoderated forum, with the exception of the ban on advertising here.

> [My usual signature line has been deleted in posts to the TIG at the 
> insistence of Rob Lingelbach, who felt that it was "advertising."  I 
> strongly disagree with Rob, but, to paraphrase Mencken, I try never to 
> fight with people who buy bauds by the barrel.  
> I will try to remember to delete it every time I post, but, honestly, my 
> feeling is that it's a ridiculous request. 

Jeff, your decision to take my simple request public is unfortunate,
as is your misunderstanding of it, but let me say that I stand by it,
and prefer it not to become a subject for discussion here.


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